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Provide food, shelter and share the Gospel

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Provide food, shelter and share the Gospel

Hope for the Elderly

"Do not cast me away when I am old; do not forsake me when my strength is gone."

Psalm 71:9

As many of you know, KORE has always had a feeding program for at-risk orphans using food produced by Haitian KORE farmers.

On a recent trip to Haiti, our KORE team was introduced to a community of 80 elderly Haitians that are living in EXTREME poverty. The elderly population has long been overlooked and underserved in Haiti. They are truly the "least of these" and they desperately need our help.

Our Haitian staff has become passionate about serving this community and we would love to be able to help them. We are eager to share the Gospel and provide community to these people in such dire need.

Here is how. We are providing a healthy & nutritious meal provided by KORE farmers twice a month at the campus, sending home the elderly with eggs, seeds, and other items to care for themselves.

These elderly are also in need of basic shelter supplies. Our Haitian staff have been able to provide items such as mattresses and tarps purchased locally. On a recent site visit we were overwhelmed by the site of muddy floors, leaking roofs and the overall poor conditions. It was heartbreaking.

We need your help to meet this urgent need. So far, we have been able to help 20 out of the 60 elderly people in this community. We hope you will join us to care for the rest!